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In 2022, extreme weather records were broken on every continent (1). The places we love are under threat from delayed climate action, and people all over the world are suffering the consequences. 

In Australia, more extreme floods, cyclones, storms and bushfires are on the way, and more Aussies than ever are experiencing climate impacts firsthand. 

If, like many of us, you’re growing increasingly concerned about climate change (2) and this relentless wave of unnatural disasters (3), join us in calling on the Federal Government to quit making the problem even worse by paying billions of tax dollars each year to the fossil fuel companies driving the climate crisis. Instead, let’s create a climate disaster fund to properly protect communities and better resource our emergency services. 

Australia is a fossil fuel heavyweight (4), and what we choose to do over this decade can make a world of difference. The Federal Government must stop propping up the dying fossil fuel industry and instead, act quickly to deliver the deep and rapid emissions cuts we need this decade (5) and strengthen community resilience to the climate impacts already locked in. 

The action we take today will be measured in lives, livelihoods and ecosystems saved. Add your name today to show Federal decision-makers that Australians won’t put up with bailing water out of the boat while they ignore the holes in the bottom. It’s only by stopping the problem at its source, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, that we can avoid locking in further devastation for the people and places we cherish.

Add your name today to call for action


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